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This is where you will find the latest news for the server.
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As requested from few members, full explanation of Frozen Nexus Realm with all features can be read bellow.

What is Shadowburn?

  • Shadowburn is small community with few dedicated developers that work on our favorite expansion - Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Our goal is to make something unique, that will provide solid PvE and PvP experience while having fun in every other aspect of the game.

Why custom and not Blizzlike?

  • There are many servers world wide that provide Blizzlike experience.
  • We decided to change and add some 'features' to the game which will, hopefully, provide extra fun for players to enjoy.
  • Having said that, we will not offer custom items that will give any sort of advantage while in Dungeons, Raids or Battlegrounds and Arenas.
  • Our custom items are only towards Transmogrification and nothing else.

Then why Progressive realm?
  • We spent a lot of time to fix and make every raid or dungeon available without issues.
  • Since we are not "Fun" custom server, our Dungeons and Raids are fully scripted.
  • Bringing back some old features that Blizz decided to remove wont affect on PvE or PvP at all.
  • Our custom features on the other hand already exist on retail and we try to add them to Lich King version as well.

What kind of 'features'?

  • Some of them, for example Titles were in the game before, and we decided to bring them back, to make PvP a bit more interesting.
  • We also have custom Battleground which will work like any other, without any custom rewards.
  • Beside those, after release, we will introduce Warfront, Isle expedition and custom Dungeon.
  • You can check full list with more information bellow.

What about rates?
  • Rates are 1x, but we reduced experience requirement for every level.
  • For example, to reach level 80 you need almost 2mill. and we reduced it to 1,1mill.
  • Gold drop rate is increased to 2x, same as Reputation.
  • When it comes to Professions, we decided to boost them little as well. Mostly, it's about chance to gain new skill, even when it's on 'gray'.

Are there custom items?
  • Yes, we made few custom items but they wont affect on game play at all.
  • Our main goal with custom items is to be towards Transmogrification and nothing else.
  • It would be really unfair to gain any sort of advantage in PvE or PvP with those.

Custom Warfront, Expedition or Dungeon?

  • Our unique custom features, will give you chance to obtain some older vanity items that have been removed from game.
  • While in Warfront, which is PvP zone 24/7, you will have chance to obtain Toys.
  • In Dungeon, there will be chance to obtain some older mounts that have been removed from game.
  • When it comes to Isle Expedition, there will be chance to obtain few rare pets.

Dynamic Resurrection?
  • It's a new thing that Blizz added in last few expansions and we decided to make it work in Lich King.
  • At the moment, while raiding ICC and when u "Release Spirit", you will be spawned outside raid.
  • With Dynamic, your new respawn point will be your previously killed boss.
  • It will work same in every Dungeon or Raid.
  • Definitely, will save some time.

Are there Vote and Donate shop?

  • There is Vote page, but we haven't completed Vote store at the moment.
  • Once it's done, it will provide same items as Donate shop.
  • Donate shop will offer Pets, Mounts, Toys and Transmogrification items.
  • Beside those, there will Character options to change Race or Faction.
  • Once all Realm 1st Achievements are taken, there will be option to buy Level boost up to level 58.
  • Last on the list is Premium Account.

What is Premium Account?

  • Once purchased, player will get "Book of Powers" which will allow him to access to few really nice options.
  • You will be able to spawn your Trainer, Auctioneer or Bank (NPC will be there for 1 minute, but won't assist in combat)
  • There is also option to mount from level 1 (60%), which kinda works like Taxi Chopper on Blizz.
  • Beside those, there are few Morph options and teleport to Dalaran.
  • Do note that Mount option will be disabled until all Realm 1st Achievements are taken.

Transmogrification and items?

  • You will be able to Transmog you gear to desired and obtained items or sets.
  • There is option to Donate for Vanilla and Burning Crusade Tiers.
  • We also made few unique Transmog Weapons like Frostmourne, Ashbringer and Shalamayne.
  • You can see example of Shalamayne in our Promo video.

Teleporter and Portals?

  • We decided to use Teleporter NPC for this.
  • It can be found in any Capital city, near Flight Master.
  • Each location have specific level requirements to be seen on the list.

Arena Spectate?

  • Yes, spectating is available as well.
  • We decided to enable command, so players don't need to run back to city to spectate someone.
  • Simple command - .spec spectate Knindza (For example)

Auctioneers in Dalaran?

  • Idea came from community and it was really good one.
  • Faction Auctioneers are spawned in the middle of Dalaran - Don't worry, you can't attack them.

Crossfaction grouping?

  • Yet another idea from community.
  • You are able to chat and group between factions.
  • We have also enabled Crossfaction Battlegrounds and Raids, which will help a lot.
  • Beside that, we added small icons to LFG chat, so there won't be confusing from which Faction is player.

Dueling and Cooldowns?

  • Health, Mana and Cooldowns will reset after each duel.
  • Also, while in Duel, players will be phased alone, so there will be no help from others.

In-game Email delivery?

  • In-game email delivery system is reduced to 1 minute (Down from 10/60)
  • There is no reason to wait whole day when someone send you something.

Recruit a Friend?
  • Recruit System is available (RAF) - Will earn Premium Account for 1 month.
  • Cause there's no perfect system for this yet, all RAF will be checked by myself before adding Premium Account.

Transfers (Will be available 6 months after release)

  • Transfer your character from any server - You will get an 'template character' with 190 ilvl.
  • Guild transfers are possible as well - For bigger guilds, we will make an Guild House.

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