How to Request an Transfer

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Sat Sep 22, 2018 2:35 pm

Hey folks,

Since every Realm 1st A. is taken, it's time to enable Character Transfers from other Blizzlike servers or Retail.
Due to votes, item level will be 178, with random attributes!

Why random attributes?
We don't wanna give gear away just like that. Since all of them gonna be random, players will need to run even trough normal dungeons to get upgrades.

Now, here's what you need to do to request an transfer: viewforum.php?f=56

  • Make new topic here! -> For tittle use your character name in-game that you created (Example: Knindza)
  • Server name or Armory link from where you wanna transfer your character (Example: Shadowburn
  • Screenshoot from game it self -> Just whisper your self with "Shadowburn!" (On server from where you wanna transfer)
  • If you'r unable to log in-game (Retail example) just log into their Website and post Screenshoot from there.
  • Do you know anyone on Shadowburn who can vouch for you?
  • When did you start playing on Shadowburn?
  • Where did you hear about us?

What you can expect once you transfer is approved:

  • Level 80 on character you wanna transfer.
  • At the moment, you can transfer only 1 character!
  • 178 item template -> Random attributes, check bellow for more info.
  • 5,000 gold to train your spells - Do note that we will not train you quest spells!
  • 1 main profession -> Just skill, we won't learn you recipes, cause it would be totally unfair to our stable players!

Random attributes and what does it mean?
  • At start, you will get all items, for all slots and even for off-spec!
  • But, those items can give you totally wrong attributes, since they are random!
  • We didn't wanted to ruin our stable and loyal players who spent a lot of time leveling, questing and gearing.
  • Those items will be good enough to run normal mode dungeons and to get upgrades.
  • Also, you could do quests for better and powerful upgrades as well.
  • As we said above, we will not give any BiS or good items just like that -> You will have to gear your characters slowly as everyone else!