Destruction Warlock PvE

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Talent Tree

There are two main specs for Destruction Warlock. The first one is better when you can just stand still and use your spells. Soul Leech and Improved Soul Leech will allow you to be full health and mana all the time. You won’t be using Life Tap and will be able to concentrate on dealing damage.

Suggested Major Glyphs:

Glyph of Conflagrate
Glyph of Immolate
Glyph of Incinerate


Meta: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond
Red :Runed Cardinal Ruby
Yellow: Potent Ametrine
Blue: Purified Dreadstone x2
Rest is filled with Red Gems

Suggested Enchants

Head – Arcanum of Burning Mysteries
Shoulder – Greater Inscription of the Storm
Cloak – Greater Speed
Chest – Powerful Stats
Bracers – Superior Spellpower
Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower
Waist – Eternal Belt Buckle
Legs – Brilliant Spellthread
Boots – Icewalker
Two-handed – Greater Spellpower
One-handed – Mighty Spellpower or Black Magic


Curse of the Elements or Curse of Doom is on the target all the time
If you have an Unholy Death Knight or Moonkin Druid in your raid then use Curse of Doom, otherwise, your usual choice is Curse of the Elements

Immolate and Corruption is on the target all the time
Chaos Bolt is your primary spell after that
Incinerate and Conflagrate are used on cooldown.

Your pet of choice is Imp. He deals the most damage with this spec and we have Empowered Imp, which gives us a 100% critical after the imp deals one.

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Deleted old one as you told me.
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