Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Frozen Nexus | Shadowburn. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Staff Standards

    1. Staff members will never ask for your account information. We have access to everything we need to assist you. #
    2. Administrators will always have the final decision on disciplinary actions towards members. Do not complain about getting banned, the accounts on this website are free. do not complain about other users being banned, in the forums or on profile pages of other users. This also includes in-game accounts. Accounts are the sole-property of Shadowburn Entertainment. #
    3. Staff Member's and the Administrator’s decisions are final. If you are in doubt about a post, please contact a Moderator before you submit your post. Membership of the forum can be revoked by the forum administration without any reason being given. Moderators reserve the right to delete any questionable posts pending additional request for documentation. At any point if you feel a moderators actions were unjust, please feel free to use the "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page or message an administrator privately. #
    4. All staff members are to remain neutral towards every individual member, any staff found in violation of this will have their staff rank removed, and will no longer be eligible to become staff again. #
    5. Staff members are to have an active presence on the server. Failure to do so may result in termination. #
    6. Failure to notify staff of an absence, will result in an unapproved absence. After 5 unapproved absences in a row, you will be removed from staff and be considered job abandonment. We need an active staff team to effectively assist players in-game. #
    7. Only administrators have the right to, without approval, complete a "bugged" quest for any player. Failure to notify administration may result in account termination. #
    8. Abuse or Neglect are not allowed on the server. At any point if we determine you have abused a command, or neglectfully helped a player (failure to provide sufficient support), you will be promptly removed from the team. #
    9. You are to remain INVISIBLE in-game while on your GM character. #
    10. If you have any questions about these rules, you may contact a moderator. You can also contact us through "Contact Us", or reach out to Knindza directly. #
  2. Server Conduct

    1. The official language on the "world" chat is English. Use of another language is mutable, however a GM will usually give you a warning. #
    2. Language in SAY, YELL, EMOTE, or anything that anyone can view is to be appropriate. Any uninviting language will result in a mute without warning. #
    3. Spamming in any chat, as mentioned above, will result in a mute. #
    4. Advertising is not allowed. It will be up to the GM's discretion on the action taken. #
    5. Any bullying/hazing is no longer tolerated. It will lead to an immediate 60 minute mute, and if it continues, may lead up to account termination. #
    6. It is the responsibility of the player to uphold the realm's integrity. However, when that integrity is compromised a GM may intervene. At any point if you cheat, exploit, bug, or otherwise use anything not intended for it's own purpose, may result in an account or character suspension at the discretion of a GM. #
    7. At no point is there to be macro'd text in any chat. This is an unnecessary load on the server. (Please direct questions on this rule to (Knindza) #
    8. Arena boosting is strictly prohibited. Joining and leaving without participating is prohibited. This will be handled at an administrative level. #
    9. Selling in-game items for real-life currency is RESTRICTED. Zero tolerance policy. You will be IP banned and your account will be permanently banned. #
    10. Multiple accounts are allowed, as long as the purpose and number is reasonable. #
    11. Bashing any of our servers, partners, or future partners is not allowed. #
    12. Any deleted items are un-returnable. #
    13. Any inappropriate names, or spam names are eligible for rename. If you feel like you were renamed in wrong, please make a thread in the Support section. #
    14. We will not trade your gear for others. If you purchase an item which costs a token, emblem, or currency it will be final. #
    15. We will not transfer gear from one of your characters to another. #
    16. Abuse of the in-game ticket system, (ie. Making inappropriate, or troll tickets) may result in account disciplinary action. #
  3. Board Rules

    1. This site is aimed towards a general audience. That means this board will only tolerate English only unless otherwise stated in the sub-forum. Discriminatory language, drug talk, nudity, pornography, and so forth is not allowed. #
    2. Displaying rule-breaking content will result in a warning and/or removal of avatar, signature, banner, background, or posting privileges. #
    3. Posts must be compliant with the rules of the section in which they are posted. Section rules will be posted at the top as announcements. #
    4. Flaming is not allowed. Do not verbally abuse other members. #
    5. Impersonating staff members is not allowed and offenders will be permanently banned from the site. #
    6. Bypassing the site word filter will result in a post suspension. #
    7. Posting of private messages is not allowed because it violates the rights of the user in question. Private messages are to remain just that: private. This rule applies board-wide unless stated otherwise by an administrator. #
    8. Providing a download for any file or service which is designed to harm or disrupt a computer, network, or any other electronic entity will result in an instant ban from the site. Discussion of this material is forbidden. Examples of these malicious files include, but are not limited to: Viruses, Network stressing tools (host booters, botnets, etc), worms, and IP grabbers. #
    9. Members must have only ONE account. #
    10. Do not post personal information, pictures, or any other material of another user without the person's consent. #
    11. Public discussions of staff actions are not allowed on the forum/site. It is prohibited to protest staff actions in titles, avatars, signatures, etc. If necessary, PM a staff member and we will try our best to resolve the problem privately. #
    12. We do not tolerate spam. Do not post small or useless posts that are not relevant to the topic being discussed. Unless relevant to the topic, posts containing only an image, video, or link will not be tolerated. Excessive low quality posts will result in the deletion of the posts. #
    13. Advertising is strictly prohibited. This includes posting in private messages and forums. #
    14. Referral sites, apps, and codes are to not be discussed. #
    15. Fraud - Do not post anything related to the act of or offering to commit fraud in any way, shape, or form. #
    16. If you violate any of these rules, the following actions may be taken against you:
      • Edit or removal of posts
      • Removal of access to site features
      • Locking or deletion of topics
      • Temporary or Permanent ban at staff discretion
      • Suspension of account
      • Restriction of an IP/IP range
      • Other punishments felt necessary by staff members
  4. Account Recovery

    1. In order to recover an account, please send an email to:

      Please be sure to include:

      Account Name:
      Registration Email:
      Current Email(If Possible):
      Donation ID's:
      Email you wish the account to be assigned to: #
  5. Questions or Concerns

    1. You may contact us by using the "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page regarding any question of the server.

      You may also directly email staff.

      Knindza: #